"Competition" or similar roadeable projects

This page is devoted to other light roadeable aircraft, being developed around the world.

I believe that it is fair and benefitial for everyone to be able to compare the "competing" projects and to have more information on the matter.

At present success of any roadeable aircraft project depends mostly not on "beating" competitirs by technical excellence, or price, or promotion etc. but on development of the market of such vehicles, by popularizing various makes of roadeable aircraft. We have to inform people that a variaty of such vehicles exist and fly and that they are safe and leagal. And only by common efforts we may form positiv public oppinion on the matter and reveal latent demand.

This is why the more there are projects the better for all of us.


Parajet http://www.parajet.com/index.php?id=138 ; http://www.skycarexpedition.com/

Flyke http://www.fresh-breeze.de/en/en_trikes_flyke.htm

Atair http://www.atairaerospace.com/chimera/

Buckeye http://www.buckeyeaviation.com/aerialatv/

Fligt Bike http://www.ultralightflying.com/archives/flite.html

Bagalet http://www.aerolab.ru/eng/models/ (Not a roadeable aircraft yet, but, as far as I know, there are plans of further development to a version with a wheel drive)