Aircraft type Ultralight (paratrike)
Masses and dimensions  
Empty weight w/o reserve 115 kg. (253 lb)
Maximum take-off weight 225 kg (496 lb)
Crew 1
Dimensions mm 2470/1520/1800 mm
Wheel base/track 1900/1350 mm
Clearance 280 mm
Shock absorber travel 150 mm
Engine Zanzaterra MZ34 of Copact Radial Engines, Canada (2-stroke)
Volume 375 cubic cm
Power rate ~27 hp
Propellor diameter 1250 mm.
Gearbox stepless hydrostatic with reverse
Splitter gearbox Independent engaging of wheels and propellor.
Wing (paraglider):  
Make and size Ozone McDaddy-44 (or any other certified for take- off weight 200-250 kg.)
Flat area 44 sq.m.