The frame is made of tubes of high strength steel aloy similar in properties to 4130. The main structural members are of 28*2 mm tubes and fabricated of entire seamless tubes with the only weld being at the rear lower corner.



Front - 2 A- arms suspension with pneumatic amortizers (non progressive).

Rear - Longitudinal arms with progressive amortization. Pneumatic amortizers.




Initially - bicycle style bar plus pedals for take-off steering.

After rebuilding - aircraft style stick - when tilted sideways - steer wheels. Additionally pedals for take-off steering.


Hydraulic transmission control:

Initially: Helicopter style collective arm for changing transmission ratio.

After rebuilding: aircraft style stick - when tiltet forward and backward the transmission ratio changes (including ravers drive operation).


Power Splitter:

allows to engage either propellor reductor or wheel transmission reductor (both - poly belt drives). May be operated only with power off.

Wheel transmission:

Hydrostatic transmission - closed circuit. Uses Eaton variable volume pump and Char-Lynn gerotor motors attached directly to the rear wheels.


2 stroke engine Zanaterra MZ 34 with claimed power rating of 27 bhp. (Never reached in reality!)