Quadrolet concept

The first implementation of drive and fly aircraft.

The main goal was to prove fasibility of the concept with as little investment in terms of money and time as possible. Besides it was desirable to outsource as many work as was practical, because at the moment I had no building experience, no equipment and insrumentation and no qualified staff.

All these restrictions lead to a specific choice of the construction, materials, transmission, etc. As a result the frame was commissioned to a carting shop, transmission was used hudrostatic as they were readily available almost complete and only plumbing was necessary. Many parts from minibaggy, bicicles and schooters were used. The only truly originally designed and manufactured part was the power splitter which was necessary to engage and disengage propellor and the hydrawlic transmissions alternatively. Thanks to this simplifications the project was complete relatevely fast. At the same time, again because of those simplifications, the result was no totally satiasfactory, espetially the weigth to power ratio.

Despite the simpilcity few important moments were implwmented and tested. That gave valuable experience for the further development of the vehicle.

After extencive tests Quadrolet was seriously rebuilt. The changes were mostly in the stirring, suspention and the wheels.

After rebuilding the tests were continued.

At the moment works on Quadrolet are stopped in fafour of other projects. But I hope to return to this conceptual design in the future on a new level.